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satanic-immoral-tales asked: You're extremely attractive :)

Thank you lovely

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any experience with self harm? I started cutting a year ago and I'm trying to learn how to handle it...

There was a time in my life when I made some unwise decisions and they have left me with some not so nice marks and scars.

Which at my age now, where I am working and even just with friends, can make things pretty hard, attract unwanted attention and make people automatically judge you.

When I did it, I was in a pretty unhappy time of my life where I did not feel accepted, was not in a nice household to say the least, couldn’t be me & copped a fair bit of shit at school.

Is there a reason you are doing it?

If so what is your reason, because my response on how to deal with it will vary depending on situation, because everyone’s situations, mind set, reasoning. Etc. is different.

Me personally, I dealt with it by first approaching my problems head on and trying to get rid of those first, so I could be happier.

The people that were giving me shit simply for trying to be me at school; I approached them about it and took a stand.
I did end up in quite a large punch up and getting suspended. But after putting the person in their place, that stopped.

Although this is probably one of the reasons I left school/got expelled. (Lol) (try to stay in school and finish it, as you don’t know how helpful it really can be.)

I moved out of the place I was living and started working full time & supported myself to get rid of the next issue.

Finally I just let me be me, stopped giving a shit what people say & the looks I was getting, never let anyone abuse/discriminate/put down/or try to be better or bigger than me, well never let them without a fight (verbal more so, physical confrontation can not always have the ending you want.) anyway.

Found out who my real friends and kept them close are and pushed forward and through it all.

I did get through it in the end and I didn’t do it with any help from anyone. (Yes I made a few mistakes and wrong decisions a long the way, but such is life.) live and learn.

I don’t know if my story and why I did it will help you at all as I don’t know your reasoning.

Until I know a bit more, all I can say is, sometimes it’s best just to rely on yourself, find out what is causing you to feel upset/depressed, or just causing you to do it, face the issue and push through it, never back down, do things for you, not other people, as in the end, it’s your life and you should be happy.

There are always better ways to deal with things than cutting, try talking to a close friend, listening to some music, taking a walk or going for a ride, drawing, gaming, writing or even just fuck around on the Internet.

Feel free to message with more info if you want so I can try actually help and give some proper advice. (Your choice whether to take it or not, as everyone is different.)

Ill upload a picture of my arm and how it looks these days. (I haven’t self harmed in over 5 or 6 years.) so you can see what I mean, they fade, but never disappear.

I’m probably going to get them all tattoo’d over to cover them.

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Me drunk as hell

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thecrow-thecorpse asked: Oh my, you're gorgeous deary!

Thank you so much

Photo 22 Jul And me again lol

And me again lol

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Me :D

Photo 22 Jul Me drunk as hell

Me drunk as hell

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